Friday, May 27, 2011

More Angels...

So a bunch of new things are going on with me and my new life.

I had sent out several emails to bead stores in about a 200 mile radius of where I was living.  I heard back from a nice lady (Jennifer) who owns a bead store in San Luis Obispo, Ca.  We had several phone conversations and she asked if I could come up and stay a few days to see how things worked out between us.  Alicia and I went up and stayed at her and her husbands home for 4 days.  They were so welcoming and accommodating.  They even paid for a weekend class for me with a renowned wire working expert.  It was so fun to just sit and enjoy some time for me and to not have to think about my problems for a couple of days.  So after working with her for a couple of days, we both new it was a perfect fit.  She knew I knew what I was doing and that was a great comfort to her.  So she came up with a plan to get me up to SLO.  Her and husband have given us a place to stay at their home for a few weeks, and are paying our first months rent and deposits for our own place.  I was in tears when she told me the plan.  I just couldn't believe their kindness.  God is amazing!!!!!!!!  It still gets even better.  Alicia has had 5 interviews now in just the past 3 days.  She is super excited.
I have to go for now...will keep you updated.



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