Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A hand up by an angel named Charli....

Hello Everyone,

Things are definitely looking better with my merchant account and my jewelry journey.

I am now looking forward to working with a wonderful woman I met a few weeks ago.  She couldn't tell me much about her new website as it was a bit of a trade secret.  She did tell me it was like nothing I'd ever seen.  Well today I see what she means.  It is and the whole premise of the site is to look great and feel even better while giving part of all the proceeds back to your choice of charities on her site. With every purchase, she will donate 25% back to the charity you pick when you checkout.  How awesome!!!

I am proud to say I will definitely be a part of this website.  Thank you God for Charli, who is one of your angels.  No, not the kind that shoots you down, but the kind that gives you a hand up.  It just doesn't get better than that!

I will keep everyone informed when I am featured on her site.



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