Monday, October 18, 2010

Working with Html....hmmm


I have been playing around with my new blog using Html for the first time.  It's not so bad once you walk away form it a few times.LOL  I was having some problems and was sure I had it copied and pasted right the first time from the tutorial page.  Guess again!  So I just walked away for a few hours and came back to find out the Html gremlins had copied it in the wrong place (wasn't me).

Anyway, I am tired now and I will continue to slowly but sure get my blog up and running properly.

For all of my friends out there a bit afraid of doing their own blog, don't be.  Give it a try, it's not so bad.

Goodnight all,


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my new blog.  I am very excited about getting my new jewelry business going.
I found a wonderful new friend in Sharon from Plumrose Lane.  She did a great job creating my new banners, background and Avatars for all of my accounts, Etsy, Artfire and this blog.  Thank you so much Sharon!
I will start updating here with my new designs and new links to my other sites.  I am learning as I go, so please be patient.
I am looking forward to sharing my jewelry experience with all of you bloggers out there.